C O C O   L A P I N   S T U D I O



meet Coco Lapin


COCO LAPIN aims at delivering an amusing, 

powerful and timeless narrative by reinterpreting 

classic inspiration from a modern perspective.

the power of classic...

that’s what COCO LAPIN aspires to project.



COCO LAPIN means “cute rabbits” in French,

inspired by the vantage point of adorable children.



We always carry the highest quality in photo attire,

made of the finest materials with the same philosophies of fashion designers.

Lose yourself in the radiance of world-class luxury brands: Baby Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe, Fendi, Moncler, and more. All styles that are not subject to the passing of time can be found at COCO LAPIN.



Art Directors at COCO LAPIN arrange props with meticulous care by ordering them from overseas or directly requesting them to skilled designers in order to create perfect scenes.




We would like to captivate hearts through photos

that do not merely follow the latest trends

but something that perfectly preserves beauty.

We wish to produce not only an image that instills

comfort and refreshes your mind

when you come across it again after a long period of time

but also a picture that does not simply fade

from your memory and instead make it into something

you would like to cherish.

We also promise that we are committed to presenting

a picture that can evoke all of your precious moments.



Coco Lapin


Elegant yet straightforward pictures with a white tone that captures your precious moments.

Those moments while at COCO LAPIN, located in the tranquil and refined city of Songdo International Business District, will become etched in your memories

as being an unforgettable and special day for you.

Studio: Songdo, Incheon, Korea

Tel: 032-859-0048

Email: hello@cocolapinstudio.com